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so that's good news. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins, still have heavier traffic on outer loop to the left. that's usual for this area. inner loop is moving well. 95 northbound before caton avenue, the exit there, the two right lanes have been closed overnight for road construction. they will start to pick that up. after the fort mchenry tunnel, we have the two level lanes with construction and those have been closed overnight. we will pick those barrels up as well. now back to you. >> thanks. the good news football is back. the bad news is some of your favorite players may not be. lockout is over but now the ravens organization says they have a make painful cuts. sherrie johnson is here to explain more. >> reporter: well, there are a lot of football fans walking around with big smiles on their faces today excited about the start of the season but sad to see their favorites possibly leave. nfl player reps and the league's owners side an -- signed and eyegreement putting an end to the -- agreement putting an ento the lockout.
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they agreed on a 10-year deal that ends the lockout resolving the fight over how the $9 billion in revenue is shared. clubs will start to sign drafted rookies and opening facilities. the ravens facility opens today at 10 a.m. for those under contract. all players will get a physical and other medical tests today. ravens vice president and general manager says they are excite to be back in business and ravens owner says it's a good day for the nfl and the fans. >> having a 10-year agreement is great for the game. but most importantly for the fans. i think this agreement is going to make our game better. >> reporter: now one of the biggest controversies this morning is that -- controversies this morning is willis mamcgahee she todd heap kelly gregg and derrick mason will be released. they wouldn't officially be cut until thursday but they could stay on for a lower salary. let's look at the facebook fan page and hear what you have so
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today say. elizabeth said so, they give us the great news there will be a season and the bad news that they won't be a team. awesome. another says i am so sad i was happy but not anymore i know those players are older, but come on now. ugh. so, some folks not really happy about what they are hearing. we want to hear what you have to say. feel free to sound off and we want to mare more about your comments. -- to hear more about your comments. there's no denying this weekend was so hot a lot of bge customers were upset when they learned their ac was shut off friday. bge says this is part of the peaks reward program they signed up for and now it wants thousands of customers to review their plans. the program allows the company to turn off cooling and heating units when demand is at the highest. friday's highs were considered an emergency event and the peak rewards customers were without ac, some for longer than six
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hours. >> we are going to look at how we communicate with our customers, it canly customers who -- particularly customers who may have signed up 3 or 4 years ago who may not have been expecting this or realized that they were on a 75 or 100% cycling level and also just to get customers to reevaluate is this program in fact still good for me and my family. >> the company will send out letters to peak rewards customers asking them to review their participation. so far, about 2500 people have canceled their participation following friday's emergencyoutage. pay $900 or have your power shut off was the threat from a fake bge employee. abc2 news is working for you to make sure you don't fall for the scam. an elderly woman in dundalk wants you to hear the story. she wanted to tell it but wanted her identity to be anonymous. she took a call from a so- called bge worker this weekend who insisted that she was
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several years delinquent in payments and then the woman sent a man to the door. >> when i open it, he was there and he told me to hand him cash. she wanted that $900. >> she shut the door and she within the to a neighbor's house to call 911abge spokeswoman says an employee would never ask for a cash payment on the scene. even if a customer is delink went in the payment and close to having the power turned off. if you want more information, head to we have information on this scam and the story is in the slide show on the home page of the website. news time is 5:04. and one month to go and the grand prix race will be here in baltimore. so we have to baled track -- build a track. you will see construction beginintensifying. it started last night and linda so is downtown with what you can expect and how it could affect your commute. what's going on, linda? >> reporter: well, if you work in the city or come downtown to visit the inner harbor, you are
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probably coming off 95. you hit conway and this is the intersection of light and i am going to show you this is what you will see. you will see a lot of it in the days to could. this is one of 16 grandstands being built around the two mile racetrack for the grand prix and while all this work goes on, you can expect to deal with traffic delays throughout the main drag of the city. workers put down about 9300 pounds of concrete in the inner harbor last night. it's the beginning of the wall that will actually go up to protect people from cars zipping around at 200 miles an hour around that indy style racetrack. the bulk of the work on the walls will be done overnight. that's the good news between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. but if you drive through the city, you will notice some lanes being narrowed. >> some of the places will be on cushion and some will be in the gutter the streets. in the latter case there will be places where the lanes will be narrow and we will put up signs to warn trucks and tbows stay out of the right lane. >> reporter: expect delays --
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buses to stay out of the right lane. >> reporter: expect delays. you can expect closer to the event which happens on labor day, even i395 will be shut down temporarily in preparation for that event. if you go to, we have a detailed list how the traffic delace -- delays will affect you. you will see the story and we have an interactive map of all alternative routes. and where the wall will be going up throughout the city and where you can expect the lanes to be narrowed. but again, we are back out here live. workers are on scene and they have been here throughout the night getting the work done. expect delays with those lanes being narrowed. that will happen probably up to the event which is labor day weekend. live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> all right, thanks a lot. if you have an infection, go to the doctor and many times you get an antibuy out ic. >> a new study says certain fruits can be effective when it comes to making you feel better. we will have more on the
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healing power of cranberries. and heavy rain and loud clapsp thunder but they were dealing with something much more dangerous in michigan. mitten. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." the heat doesn't seem like a bad thing if you look at the quick tomorrowing tornado that killed people on a michigan lake. sunday night, official say the twister -- officials say the twister lifted docked boats out of the water. no one was hurt and there was not much damage. but people said the sky turned different colors including yellow and black. this is the third confirmed tornado in that region this year. we have seen it before right? >> yes people thought something was block through -- blowing through yesterday. and it was a quick shot on the west side, and a quick two inches of rain and that was it. minimum wind damage and lightning and heard reports of five fires in the annapolis area as a result of storms.
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but those are out of here. hopefully those have been contained and 91 after yesterday's high dropping back into the 70s. we start off at 73 here in baltimore. and still ahint of humidity and areas of fog especially north of the beltway and especially places with the heavy rain on the west side. suspected areas of fog in howard county especially near ellicott city this morning. looking at future radar, a hint here as we expect mostly sunny skies. but the last push with the frontal bondry comes through this evening. we will be -- boundary comes through this evening. a brief line of showers that tries to develop and that squeezes out and we drop humidity with a big improvement for tomorrow. as for that question i left hanging on what happens today or doesn't happen today for the first time in the summer? a 5:00 sunrise officially it's 6:02 this morning. a sign of the shrinking daylight hours. we get up to 91 and less humid. >> reporter: traffic is flowing freely at the fort mchenry and
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harbor tunnel. no incidents to report. also, let's look out there. 695 at liberty road, no incidents to report. you are doing fine on outer loop where most of the traffic is. the roadwork that should be out of your way, 95 northbound before caton. the two right lanes had been closed and at the fort mchenry tunnel, the two left lanes had been closed and the barrels should be picked up. back to you. >> thanks. health news for you this morning, cranberries have been known to preventure nary tract in -- urinary tract infections but two -- 200 women were treated with the antibeoutic group that had an average of 1.8 occurrence compared to four on the cranberry treatment. however, the antibiotics also raised the rate of resistance by the bacteria that caused the infection. -th capsules didn't do so. -- the capsules didn't do so. it could make it a long-term
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alternative to antibiotics use. 5:12. time to say happy birthday to all you selling a birthday. nancy, mark and barbara all celebrating today. happy birthday to all of you. hope it's a wonderful birth day. our picture of the day is george and abe are labs. they are celebrating the first birthday today. danielle and paul those are the owners, they want to wish the boys a happy birthday. happy birthday george and abe. >> laying on the cool tile floor. morning show at for the photos and birthdays or what have you. get them in to us with the necessary facts so we can get it right when we share the photo with all of maryland. he's hero here in baltimore. he played 23 seasons for the orioles and inducted into the hall of fame in 83. >> now a special way to remember the baseball great brooks robinson. he is going to -- go to camden yards if you want to see how he
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and welcome back on this tuesday morning. he is one of baseball's all time greats and will be memorialized forever in bronze a statue of brooks robinson is being built in the plaza between washingtonboulevard and russell street. it is not going to be unveiled until october 22nd around the anniversary of robinson named to the 1970 world series mvp. robinson played 23 seasons with the o's winning 16 fold gloves and was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1983. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:12. my 5-year-old son wanted to build a monument to the snowman in the front yard and thought it would be neat to look at it in the middle of summer. 73 we are feeling beater -- better. it is humid and we have patchy
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fog, but there will be a drop in the humidity. look at temperatures to the northwest in the 60s across the great lakes. we showed outmitch -- in michigan where they had a tornado form and green bay at 64. 44 international falls in minnesota. that's a cool stop. wrapping around this area of low pressure into ontario, canada, the cool winds behind it. one final push with this font -- one final push with this frontal boundary that will reach us this evening and tonight. ahead of it, lower humidity. but there will be a big step down behind the frontal system that will take until this evening until it reaches us. we will follow it on the future radar and bring it through pennsylvania and there will be a broken line of showers and storms that will form and there may be something left over as we head through the evening. around sunset time. 8 to 9 we will see if it happens. just late clouds and after a mostly sunny sky. the drop in humidity means we have a mostly sunny sky tomorrow. and that should take us with a nice cool down for one day before the temperatures jump up by the end of the week. a mostly sunny sky today.
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91 less humid and you will notice the improvement but it's going to be hot out there. tonight, again, an evening shower possible. we clear it own and cool it -- clear it out and cool it down. some places have patchy fog but overall, back into the 60s. i will go 89 tomorrow. it's above normal but the nice of the day of the week. 95 returns on thursday. friday 98. isolated thunderstorms that will take us into the weekend and highs again in the low to mid-90s. >> reporter: marc trains are experiencing minor delays penn line train 401 is 6 minutes late and buss are on time. let's look at 95 on the southwest side. this is north of 195. most of the traffic is southbound to the right of the screen. we have traffic building northbound as well. no problems to report on 195. we are doing okay and most areas of the city jfx southbound no problems to report. 795 out of reisterstown. 83 southbound no incidents in your way. megan. >> thanks so much. 19 minutes after 5.
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retireees on solomon's island are helping to boost the oyster population starting at 11 this morning. thousands of young oysters will be placed in a new home crated for -- created for them at the patuxent river. the hope is the wreath will become a breeding ground for wild oysters. they will be put on the man- made wreath and that is where the oysters will be moved. one of eight organizations will maintain it. it's 5:20. the federal government is reviewing a number of departments with possible cutting costs. among them, the post office. coming up next, what the post master general is saying could be down the road for your mail service. and the cost of airfare was thought to be going down since tax on the tickets were lifted. that may not be the case. we will look. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning
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maryland." just a few minutes before 5:30 on this tuesday morning. big cuts from the post office that could affect you. the post master general is expected to hold a news conference around 10 where he is going to reveal which post office will be studied for possible consolidation. now according to the wall street journal, some 3600 post offices targeted for possible closure this year. these locations were chosen because they make the least money and because they may be can be -- there may be local business that is can provide postal services within the community. now the government stopped collecting tax on airline tickets, but that doesn't mean you get a break. the airlines raised price and -- airlines raised the prices and are pocketing the cash. if a ticket runs 300 bucks that close 25 in federal taxes but because of the fight on capitol hill the faa is partially shut down and can't legally collect the money right now. most airlines almost
5:25 am
immediately raised. the prices only a few passed the casks along like alaska and frontier. nor play -- more layoffs. the maker of blackberry 10% of the work force. thr eliminating more than 2 -- they are eliminating more than 2,000 jobs. the company once led the smart phone market but it lost ground since apple and google. here's something you don't see every day. a dramatic car chase with a passenger clinging on. >> and i read this and was like what? up next, the interesting twist in this story and where the two people were later found. >> frightening. gloint want anyone to-- i don't want anyone to ever think they can hurt my family and get away with it. >> bat wielding granny proved the point when she went after anintruther-- intruder in her home. how he got comfortable and said he didn't want to leave. all that is straight ahead.
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>> you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. but before we head to break, we will head up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, more trouble for the makers of blackberry. research in motion is laying off 2000 workers more than 10% of the total work force. blackberry is struggling to compete with the iphone and android. the zenga is introducing a game in china offered through an internet portal not facebook which is banned in china. the publishers of angry birds are bringing the signature animation to a new trivia game on facebook. enjoys the look of the game and competitive elements. >> it's fun, pretty addictive game and the graphics are so cute but it's fun to watch the little guy climb up and you can see your friends and how high they are and when you get a question right, you go up past them and that's cool, too. >> reporter: quiz climber is available for the iphone and ipad for $2.
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and those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." the fighting won't let up in washington concerning the debt crisis. coming up, more on what the president had to say about a solution. my goal mirks agenda, don't want him to die alone in prison.  >> a family's plea for a convicted felon's release from prison to live out his final days prison. my dog is so smart. >> how smart? >> a report is saying how smart dog is how well trained. so we will give outdetails on that. we want your -- you the details on that. we want your opinion. read the story and weigh in
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onfacebook. >> is your dog smart. >> >> i dog is a genius. >> good morning. i am charley. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. wild weather yesterday. so let's see what to expect for today with meteorologist justin berk. >> i know roxy can spell words are r in it. rain. over two inches in parts of howard county especially near the ellicott city area and up towards owings mills. an inch and a half to two inches there. 91 was yesterday's high temperature in baltimore and easton. this morning, we pulled back to the low 70s. doesn't seem like much of an improvement but it is. when you go outside, there may be a hint of humidity and there may be patchy thick fog north and west of the beltway where you got slammed with heavy rain. portions of anne arundel county got hit with the big storms and five fire reports in the annapolis area. currently, we are

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